Most Valuable Players - Press and Reviews

Press and Reviews

Hermes Magazine Article "Second Act" about Matthew Kallis

  Columbia Business School Magazine


After a successful business career, Matthew Kallis '86 followed his dream to be behind the camera.  His latest documentary has caught the attention of audiences, critics- and Oprah.

Star Magazine Spotlights MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

"If you ever did theater in high school, you'll find it irrestistible."

- Star Magazine

Emmy Magazine Article "In the Mix" about MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy Magazine


A feel-good documentary, headed for OWN, makes a pitch for the arts – and viewers' hearts.

San Luis Obispo New Times Critiques MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

"The story is simple, and the production values are pretty basic, but it's the type of movie that wants to inspore and accually accomplishes this aim without becomming obnoxious."

- Ashley Schwellenbach

Meet the DocuWeeks Filmmakers: Matthew D. Kallis


Meet the DocuWeeks Filmmakers: Matthew Kallis--'MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS'

Over the next month, we at IDA will be introducing our community to the filmmakers whose work is represented in the DocuWeeksTM Theatrical Documentary Showcase, which runs from July 30 through August 19 in New York City and Los Angeles. We asked the filmmakers to share the stories behind their films--the inspirations, the challenges and obstacles, the goals and objectives, the reactions to their films so far.

So, to continue this series of conversations, here is Matthew Kallis, director/producer of MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS.