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Press and Reviews

Los Angeles Times Article: Documentary Highlights Best of High School Musicals

Movies have Oscar, Broadway has Tony and high-school-musical students -- some of them, anyway -- have Freddy. The Freddy Awards, which recognize excellence in high school musicals in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, are the focus of the documentary MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS.


"Most Valuable Players is a another winner from the OWN Documentary Club."

Joe Meyers

College Movie Review of MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

"One of the best documentary features I have seen in quite some time!"

- Stephen Davis

Interview: Kate Wexler of MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

"Katie Wexler is one of the stars of Most Valuable Players, a sensational new documentary about three high school teams competing to win the Freddy Awards for theatrical productions."

Nell Minow

Teen Hollywood Blu-Ray Review Round-Up Features MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

"Here at TeenHollywood we don’t usually review documentaries but this one, focusing on high school students in competition for a high school musical award, is so relatable and fun to watch that we are including it.

Lynn Barker