Most Valuable Players - Zach


(Freedom Student)

It's been three years since I was in MVP and looking back on it, it is very bizarre.  I never loved high school.  I loved Freedom's Theater Company, but I didn't like Freedom at all.  I always felt like an outcast and I felt insecure.  Luckily all of that changed when I moved to DC to attend The George Washington University.  I love the city and the school and all of the friends I've had here. 

A lot has happened in the past three years.  I've kept up in the performing arts by performing in various plays of GW's Student Theater program.  But more importantly, I've developed my skills as a comedian.  My college comedy group, receSs, has taught me so much about comedy, improv, and video work. You can see some of our videos, many of which I've shot/edited/written or performed in at Along with that, myself and two friends recently came second place in a DC wide Improv competition. 

As far as my career goes, my Economics degree is meaning less and less as I find myself more and more drawn towards video production.  I run the video area of GW's alumni relations and most of my professional work can be seen here:  I blog random thoughts in my free time at and have started making music under the moniker XYZ at

Looking back on MVP, it represents a time when I was alot less happy than I am now, but seeing it allows me to see how far I've come since then.