Most Valuable Players - Mark Stutz

Mark Stutz

(Parkland Teacher)

Video Bio & Update

In the past four years, I have passed on the torch of directing the main stage shows at Parkland High School to others, including Frank Anonia who has continued with the musicals. I now serve as sort of a senior adviser and producer of the shows. The district Visual and Performing Arts department has grown into a major part of the fabric of the community and the support we have from the school board and the Superintendent's office is amazing.

I also recently entered the Master's program for Theater at Villanova University. It is a far more scholarly based program than I have experienced before and it has been hard work but very rewarding. I am on track to finish in 2013.

My relationship with the Freddy Awards has changed in many ways. With the loss of Vic, I lost a bit of my involvement and Frank was ready to take on that task with youthful energy. I have also learned to embrace the "IDEAL" of the Awards which is to bring attention to the kids and the incredible work they do. For that I wil always be grateful to Shelley Brown for creating this program.

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